Hello!! This wiki has grown more popular each hr because ppl advertise the stay cool wiki!!!!! So we have made some pages where you can share your story and also trips!! Also edit and chat ÷ create. Also this news gets updated every day!! So you can neaver miss any updates on the stay cool wiki!!!!! Now for the hourly update. Its nice outdoors but if you want advice on what to do cheak out our page beat the heat!!! Share your story about the beach on the beach page. Tell us your story about what your summer was like on the tell us your story page. Beach trips go under the beach page and if you have a story id like to share tell us!! Under the Tell us your story page!! Also we have fun pages add and edit them!! Create and edit your profile the way you want it too look like you can make it anyway you want it!! Read the rules and policies!! Have fun!! Also we are recruiting admins and chat mods. If you would like to be one meet me in chat and ill PM you and interview you. But if I don't think you are worthy of being admin or chatmod than edit or gain my trust then if I think you are worthy of being admin and or chatmod ill interview you again. Keep looking out for updates. More people are joining wikis because of advertising and chat parties!!! Stay tuned we have more additions to the news.