For a fun but safe community the Admins at Stay Cool wiki have decided to do strikes. Strikes are like warnings that they display warnings, if you get to many you get a ban on you. I feel that if you get so many of them, then probally you will result in a long ban. Heres the chart

  • Strike 1: Warning
  • Strike 2: 2nd warning
  • Strike 3: 1 day ban
  • Strike 4: 3 day ban
  • Strike 5: 4 day ban
  • Strike 6: 1 week ban
  • Strike 7: 2 weeks
  • Strike 8: 3 weeks
  • Strike 9: one month
  • Strike 10: One Year

So now you know what the chart is and why you should not break the rules cause it can result in ban.